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Galerie Bildhalle invites you to celebrate the opening of our first solo exhibition with the Dutch artist Margaret Lansink. In this exhibition, the artist combines her latest series “Friction” with previous works, creating a visual universe that illustrates her masterful handling of varied techniques like platinum palladium prints, collages, liquid light prints and works with gold leaf and charcoal.


Friction embraces the unavoidable changes and impermanence of life as such. Accepting that life is not perfect, that there is beauty in imperfection and to embrace the concept that in all of life’s challenges, beauty is to be found. The artist portrayed professional ballet dancers who had to retire at the age of 35 and connected them to pictures of Death Valley in California emblematic for its timeless beauty.


Lansink’s work is created around a strong signature of aesthetic, poetic and minimalistic images yet able to convey a powerful emotional message. Substantiated by her intuitive photography; creating imagery that presents an open and honest reflection of her own emotions, doubts, or struggles in life. In this way, she gently invites the viewer to embark on a journey through his/her own intricate web of memories and emotions.


Thematically, there is a strong connection between Lansink’s solo presentation on the upper and the group exhibition on the lower floor of the gallery: the print techniques, the choice of paper and a deep understanding of craftsmanship influence the works of all artists in terms of content and atmosphere. The way they print is not just a technical approach, but rather a part of the artwork itself.


Opening: Saturday, 3 June, 17-20 h, Bildhalle Willemsparkweg 134 The artist is present. Exhibition until 9 September