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Raphaël Renaud is at the crossroads of various artistic lines: modern abstract training, Matisse's vivid palette, and Impressionism's use of colour and light. This uninhibited use of vivid colour and spontaneous brushstrokes produces an unparalleled dance of light on the canvas.
It is always the wave of light that guides our eye and builds the harmony between realism and abstraction. 

Raphaël Renaud's landscapes are intense yet tranquil. They evoke passion and intimacy, in a fusion of memory and invention. The earth, sky, trees and water, rather than the representation of an exact scene, are impressions of colour. The succession of shades of grey, enhanced by touches of warm colour, gives the woodland its roundness. The juxtaposition of volumes and fields of light gives a tactile texture to the oil painting.

Violet, alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, halo green: Raphaël Renaud's palette seems to have stepped out of a magical fairytale.
His paintings offer a vision of a peaceful, ideal world.

Raphaël Renaud often paints using a photographic medium, but in an intuitive way. The loose brushstrokes and juxtaposed blurs transform his landscapes, as soon as you approach them, into abstract combinations.

Raphaël Renaud was born in Blois in 1974. He studied at the Beaux Arts in Montpellier and Paris. He lives in Berlin.