Liebe ist Träume / Love is Dreams

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Love is dreams, life source, hope and peace Dreams have always been an essential source of inspiration for Thi Tuyet Lan Nguyen, born 27.06.1963 in Saigon, Vietnam. She says: "Probably everyone goes through some formative experiences in life, which are reflected in artistic processes as a kind of characteristic energy. Mine can be described as pensive melancholy and sensual longing." Indeed, as a child during the Vietnam War, dreams of security and safety shaped the artist. As a teenager, after arriving in Switzerland in 1980, the yearning for belonging, independence and freedom. And in the course of her life, the break with traditional and social norms, and the discovery of the female sex with its strong, but also sensual side. At the same time, however, there is also a re-approach to Asian culture, and a confrontation with the vulnerability of one's own human existence.   This exhibition allows a glimpse into her expressive dreams of over 30 years: The delicate watercolours and pencil drawings, which seem like diffuse memories. The rose paintings, which create a bridge between Asian traditional art with its almost infinite variations of the same form, and Western individuality. Her portrait and nude paintings, which on the one hand can be viewed soberly like landscapes, but whose models at the same time embody strong emotions. And the most recent geometric abstract works, which captivate with their complex multi-layeredness - comparable to a human life.